Pacchanta comunity

Comunitys Near the Mountain!..The Pacchanta comunity is located in the base of the Sacred Mountain “Ausangate” at an altitude of 13500 feet. It takes 3 hours to get there from Cusco, through the new Interoceanic road to Brasil.
The local peoples’main activities are potato farming and alpaca breeding, and all of them are expert weavers! With alpaca fiber they make their dressing/clothing and tools, such as ropes and sacks; and use the meat to provide protein. Native potatoes, fresh or converted into chuño and moraya, bring the carbohydrates that they need to resist cold and physical work.
Men and women of Pacchanta, care a lot about their cultural identity and traditional way of life, what makes them into representatives of the high Andean culture.During your staying, we’ll discober the magic of the glaciars and the heat of their people, that will proudly share with you their life and traditions.it was really nice meeting with them

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